Top Tips When Moving Furniture

The giant furniture items in the living room are so heavy that only one person is not enough for moving it from one place to another, not to mention when it comes to heavy furniture removals at long distances like hundreds of kilometers. It comes to long moving house procedures that often require a little bit of a professional help from a removal company. A man with a van is another useful opt when requesting removal quotes, especially if you seek for a little bit cheaper opt. In all cases, moving huge furniture objects can quickly change into an amusing activity like fitness or so, just with the help of the following tips and tricks. Let`s begin with the preparation of the furniture for the moving day and one of the most important factors to consider - how many person are needed to move the heaviest and largest furniture items.For this, you should be prepared in advance and don`t leave everything for the last moment. Call your strongest friends or family members at least a week before the move and fix a free date like Sunday or during the vacations maybe. When the boxes and all the items are scattered throughout the house - it may be a greater idea to have only the required people to stroll around the house. So, make a quick tour around the house and take a look at the furniture items from a bit different viewpoint - their weight and dimension. Take a note of the heaviest and biggest ones, and then you will get a clear overview of how many people are required to move that piece of furniture. Yet another great idea is to disassemble some huge beds or shelves, but only if possible. Then consider the imaginary measures and weight of the objects and the perspective will be even clearer. Two or three person are usually sufficient for moving and lifting heavy objects, but if there are steep or long stairs in front of the door - consider calling more people. Also, in advance, prepare to supply them with gloves for heavy lifting, which will definitely enhance the long and exhausting move of heavy objects.When moving items on long distances like between two cities at the two corners of the country or even abroad - you will definitely need to secure your items in a proper way. There is a whole myriad of safety tips and materials to choose from, according to any kind of object. The biggest pieces of wood furniture become long and flat when disassembled, but their edges are the most endangered part from hitting in the ground or at the corners of the door, for example. Because of that, use strong wrapping materials like card boxes or edge protectors, or both. Another great idea is to envelop the entire piece with light fabric materials like blankets or curtains and then begin with the wrapping. This yet simple hint will save extra space from boxes with light fabric materials, while softening the damage onto the furniture if any strike occurs and ensuring the cleanliness of your furniture in the meantime.When moving big furniture just as a way of a rearrangement of the room - a tight organization is required as well. Make a drawing plan in advance with the exact measurements. When moving house is the same thing, but the room is different too. That`s why make a drawing or a sketch of the exact place of which furniture goes where. Change the position of the shelves, the place of the dining table or the chairs within the room, and enjoy the rearrangement like it`s a holiday.

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